Cyberpunk 2069 v1.35 – Action and well-made game “Cyberpunk 2069” for Android with data + trailer of
the purchased version and the full game at a price of $ 0.99, presented to you,
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Cyberpunk 2069 – Cyberpunk 2069 is the name of an action, popular and very well-made game from DormRoom game studio, which is made in imitation of the famous game Cyberpunk 2077 and in the form of a paid title with a price of $ 1 for various platforms, including Android operating system. Released. Usroid provided the purchased and tested version of this game and as the first Android site in IranIntroduces it to serve you dear ones. The game was initially released for home PCs (via the Steam Store) but was later removed from the store and a mobile version was developed. It is not yet clear why this game was removed, but many believe that the title has not yet evolved enough to be released and will remain a mobile project. However, it is interesting that the ported mobile version has been released with the features of the original version, and its graphics and designs are not much different from the original version, which is no longer available. In the game Cyberpunk 2069, as its name suggests, the story takes place in 2069 in a city called City 17 or District 17. In 2069, the world is falling apart and big companies are ruling with power. An incredibly large and wealthy company called HexCorp invades and captures the city of 17, which is a sensitive and strategic area, with an army of skilled soldiers.


Cyberpunk 2069 - Cyberpunk 2069


In Cyberpunk 2069You are in the role of a special and very professional force that has now gone to this city by accepting a work contract and has a very dangerous mission. You have to go to different places in several stages and destroy the enemy soldiers at the same time as crossing the paths. During the game Cyberpunk 2069, you can carry your basic weapons, which include 3 main weapons (knife, pistol and a machine gun) and change them whenever you need. You can also pick up enemy soldiers’ rifles after destroying them. In total, there are many weapons in this game, all of which are made from real models, some of the most important of which are AK47 and MP5. Cyberpunk 2069 is excellent in terms of graphics and gameplay designs, and due to its very good size, the creators of this game should be praised. The style and context of the game is just like Action FPS console games, and its gameplay is reminiscent of the experience of games of this style on the computer. High details, three-dimensional models and unparalleled precision in the design of the environment have made this game attractive in terms of graphics. Other benefits of Cyberpunk 2069 are also very natural sounds and exciting soundtracks. Game controls, in turn, are very good and practical. This beautiful and attractive game is now purchased and free fromUsroid can be downloaded. By watching the game trailer video, you can get well acquainted with the graphics and gameplay features of Cyberpunk 2069. It is noteworthy that this title has achieved a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 to date.

important points :

این Currently this game has only 4 stages. The creator of the game said that he is working on the next updates and more steps.
ever mode version of the game has not been released. If this article is published, it will be updated.

Changes in version v1.35:

* Optimization and bug fixes
* Added more weapons



Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.dormroom.cyberpunk2069 folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.