Dark Riddle: Classic v1.0.9 + Mod – Android Puzzle Game
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited apple) separately available
Tested to run offline

Dark Riddle: Classic – معمای تاریک: کلاسیک is the name of an adventure game published by PAGA GROUP game studio for Android devices. Dark Riddle: Classic is a first-person and open-world adventure game that has managed to offer a very unique and exciting gameplay by using the common elements of this genre and adding elements of stealth. It will definitely be attractive and entertaining for fans of this style. PAGA GROUP game studio had previously released the game Dark Riddle, which quickly became popular and caught the attention of gamers with over 10,000,000 downloads. Dark Riddle was a first-person adventure game with stealth elements that used a stage structure. You played the role of a neighbor who tried to infiltrate their homes without being seen by other neighbors or their security cameras and uncover their hidden activities. Dark Riddle: Classic does not differ much from Dark Riddle and according to the creators, it is a part of the original game that has been released as a separate game due to the high demand of fans. However, this game has also attracted a lot of fans and has set another record for the creators of the game with over 1,000,000 downloads. As usual, in this game, your neighbor is doing another suspicious activity and has heavily guarded their backyard with security cameras. You have to enter their house without being seen and uncover their activities.


Dark Riddle Classic


In the game Dark Riddle: Classic, you may encounter closed doors or windows and be unable to pass through the fence of the house. That’s why you need to search the game environment consciously to find items such as boxes, keys, bricks, and so on, so that you can jump over the fences, unlock locked doors, break windows, and enter your neighbor’s house. Of course, there are other items in the game such as apples, sugar, hunting cameras, and so on, which you need to find. These items help you confuse your neighbor for a few seconds when you are caught, so you can escape from him. Overall, it should be said that separating this section and turning it into a separate game was very clever. The elements of the first-person open-world adventure games and stealth like the first game have been well placed within the game and have brought a unique experience. At first, due to the limited content of this game, the game structure may not be as good as it should be and may not be the answer to the previous game, but the more you progress in the game, the various challenges make you completely immersed in the game and you don’t feel a lack of content or uniformity at all. The game world is very extensive and the game map has many locations and missions that you can find through the mini-map. The surrounding environment is interactive and the easy game controls allow you to control your character through the virtual joystick and interact with various items through virtual buttons. The game’s graphics are very excellent and eye-catching, and the artistic design of the game world and characters has a cartoonish and pixelated style. The sound effects are also interesting in their own way, and especially the game’s soundtrack during escape with its fast rhythm makes the exciting atmosphere of the game more attractive than ever. Dark Riddle: Classic has achieved a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 in the Android market, and the Usroid team intends to provide this game to you dear ones in both the original and mod versions, completely tested and free of charge. You can now download this game through the direct links provided at the end of the article and enjoy playing it!