Darktale v1.0.3 – Fun and well-made puzzle game “Dark Story” for Android
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Darktale – Darktale is the title of a fascinating and entertaining game with simple and minimalist designs, which has been developed and released in the form of a paid game for $ 1 by an anonymous studio called Afterain. This studio is actually run by one person and this game is a solo project. This title is offered in two versions, free (Demo) and paid (Full). Farsroid proudly announces that it has introduced this game as the first Iranian website and has purchased the latest version of it exclusively and exclusively for you dear ones. You can download this version for free from Farsroid and experience the paid version of Darktale game at no cost. Dark Story is a completely abstract game with minimalist and two-dimensional designs. This game is very similar to other famous games such asLIMBO , which is offered in the same style, and its design style, like many other games in the same category, is in the style of black and white design. In this game everything is dark and black. The essence of this puzzle game is, but unlike almost all similar games in this genre, Darktale is not only a minimalist puzzle game, but also an interesting action-platformer. Follow us to explore this goat in more detail.




DarktaleIt tells the story of a boy named Kuro who, for some unknown reason, is trapped deep in a dark place like a huge cave. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. All that is known is that Kuro wants to escape from this dark world. He is scared and does not know what to do. But in this dark world, a bright butterfly comes to him and helps him with his own light. Now you have to find a way out with the help of the tips and lights of this license. Each stage of the game is accompanied by different puzzles and challenges, and according to the creator, these challenges become more and more difficult at higher levels. Also, puzzles will not be your only challenges. In Darktale, there are a number of big and dangerous monsters like big spiders that you have to deal with the items obtained from the previous stages and destroy them. Darktale game graphics are simple but fancy and attractive. This game is output by Unity Engine game engine and the result is a smooth gameplay and interesting graphics. Dark story game is one of the games that can easily engage your mind and entertain and challenge you for a long time. In the following, you can see the introductory video trailer and screenshots of this game, and via the direct linkFarsroid Get it for your Android device.