Days Bygone – Castle Defense v1.26.2 Mod – Defensive Tower Game of the Old Days Android Trailer
Ordinary version of the mod version (Unlimited Money) tested separately
with a completely offline run

Days Bygone – Castle Defense – Old Days: Defensive Tower is a beautiful, fun and very exciting game from Singapore’s Frivolition Startup Studio, which is produced in the style of action games with strategic elements and has been released exclusively for the Android operating system. As always, Usroid has introduced this game for the first time in USA to serve you dear ones and has provided the latest official update for download. As the title suggests, in Days Bygone – Castle Defense you are faced with a game in the style of a defensive tower. In this game, which is produced with interesting and fancy designs and with pixel graphics, you, in the role of the protagonist, must withstand the attack of successive waves of enemies and prevent them from infiltrating your castle. The game is Endless Defense and this means that in this game the main criterion is to record more records and in fact it should be said that the whole game will be endless and endless! With this in mind, you face greater threats in every wave of enemy attacks, and these attacks continue to the point that they destroy you. Many Carbold gamers have not been able to withstand this tough challenge, even for a short time. Because playing this game strongly depends on your strategic and managerial power. The gameplay is simple but difficult to handle. You have one side of the image with the help of deadly weapons, you have to attack the other side from which the enemies are infiltrating, and as far as you can you have to prevent them from moving towards you. You must do this until the attack wave is over and the next attack wave begins. In Days Bygone – Castle Defense, you have to destroy the enemies and gain points with the help of different forces and also by using different weapons. With the points and money you earn, you will be able to make better weapons or upgrade your defenses in a number of ways.

Some features of Days Bygone – Castle Defense Android game:

  • Pixel graphics with two-dimensional fantasy designs
  • Fun and simple yet very challenging gameplay
  • Action style and strategy with a lot of fights and destruction
  • Ability to use more than 20 types of heroes
  • Ability to unlock and use more than 20 types of weapons
  • Ability to use special forces and skills
  • Auxiliary items such as spells and other tools
  • There are fierce enemies and dangerous giants
  • Ability to upgrade different sections
  • Endless tower defense style and record-breaking
  • Very small size (about 20 MB)

Days Bygone – Castle Defense is a fun and very interesting game that has attracted the attention of many audiences. The game was downloaded more than 1000 times in just a few days on Google Play and managed to get a great score of 4.4 out of 5.0 from the users’ votes and was added to the list of the best games offered in this style. This fascinating game is recommended for those who want to spend their free time challenging and have fun for a long time by playing a simple, small and offline game. Right now, you can download the regular and modded versions of this game with unlimited money for free and tested from Usroid servers, and challenge yourself with this exciting game.


Days Bygone - Castle Defense