Dead Synchronicity: TCT v2.0 Full – Fantastic new Android adventure game with data + trailer,
full version and purchased for $ 4.99 for you!
Tested with completely offline performance

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today or Dead Synchronicity: TCT for short is an amazing adventure game for Android , designed and made by Fictiorama Studios and released long ago by Daedalic Entertainment for PC, and hours before it saw the release of its Android version. We were on Google Play for $ 4.99 and we decided to take the lead as always and introduce it for the first time in Iran and provide you with a 100% tested and healthy version! The overall story of the game is about the main character named Michael, whose story is explained face to face by the creator: “Darkness, and then light will appear, but these are not enough for Michael to discover the secrets of the outside world! The big wave and the solution are the only words on his mind.


Download Dead Synchronicity: TCT - Fantastic Android adventure game + data


Tomorrow Comes Today is the first episode of the Dead Synchronicity game series, in which you must help Michael face the reality of death! The face of a cruel world that gets sick and suddenly disappears! There is no past, no present and no other future! So it is better to hurry before you waste time! A terrible epidemic threatens the lives of all human beings and if they are infected, they will be led to death! The root of the disease seems to be a big wave; An inexplicable chain of natural disasters that has destroyed all energy resources and communications and plunged the world into chaos! Michael is a man without a past and an identity who tries to discover his past and decipher the events that lead the world to ruin! Point and click feature, 2D expressionist style graphics,It’s a game !

Some features of the Dead Synchronicity: TCT Android adventure game:

  • Two-dimensional game with unique images and expressionist style
  • Fantastic soundtrack from Indie-Rockband Kovalski
  • HD graphics with excellent and unique touch controllers
  • Unique design with a very large and fantastic world!

Play Dead Synchronicity: TCT few hours on Google published yet by anyone, not purchased, and we are in Usroid for the first time that you’ve put in for downloading and installing the first global users who You will win this wonderful game! First, you can view images and trailers of the game and download it for free if you wish.

Changes in version v2.0:

* Release of the first version of the game on Google Play.



Instructions for installing and running Dead Synchronicity: TCT:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. De.daedalic folder . Copy to the Android / obb path of the internal storage.

– Finally run the game.