SDecor Dream v1.19.3 + Mod – Interesting and fun hobby game “Dream Decoration” for Android + trailer
version normal + mod version (unlimited money) individually
tested with offline performance

Decor Dream – Dream Decoration, which is released under the full name of Decor Dream: Home Design Game and Match-3 on Google Play, is the title of a very interesting and well-made game from the category of casual and managerial games, which is a kind of Instrument design of interior decoration of houses. This game was made and released for free by the Brazilian studio Tapps Games, the maker of Mine Quest 2 , Vlogger Go Viral , Starside Celebrity Resort and the Bid Wars game series , and you can now download the latest tested version for For the first time among Iranian sitesDownload from Usroid. Decor Dream: Home Design Game and Match-3, as its name implies, is a Match-3 house design and puzzle game. Another type of game style, namely the combination of Match-3 jigsaw puzzles with management, personalization and home design elements, has become a general standard for developers, and dozens of games have been released in this style. They have exactly the same characteristics. The same thing happens in Decor Dream. You are in the role of a skilled decorator who has the task of designing your customers’ house and decorating and customizing their interior in the best possible way. To do this, you need to beautify and renovate customers’ homes with a beautiful and professional layout and the use of various items such as appliances and appliances. As you enter each stage, you will encounter old or dilapidated houses that need a skilled person like you to rebuild!


Decor Dream: Home Design Game and Match-3


In Decor Dream: Home Design Game and Match-3You can use your personal creativity to design the interior decor of your home. But for this you need resources and money. These resources are obtained by solving Match-3 jigsaw puzzles. In this section, you have to solve colorful puzzles and fun puzzles and by putting at least 3 similar items and one color in these puzzles, try to solve them and earn points and money. Then with the money earned you will be able to buy and collect items needed for decor design. These appliances are the same as home appliances such as furniture, TVs, tables and chairs and the like. The game developer says that there are hundreds of different items for this section that players can choose and buy according to their personal tastes and use them to design customers’ home decor. Decor Dream game: Home Design Game and Match-3 also has interesting characters and fascinating stories that you can follow one by one and experience a rich and fun game. It is noteworthy that the dream decoration game with more than 100 thousand downloads in a short time was able toScore 4.3 out of 5.0 . Usroid also invites fans of management and entertainment games to download it by preparing a regular and modded version of the latest version of this game.

Changes in version v1.19.3:

* Improved animations and effects
* Added new stages
* Fixed bugs and problems and improved the overall performance of the game