Deep Galaxies HD Deluxe is an incredibly beautiful live wallpaper with a very chic appearance and a rating of 4.7 out of 5 for Android. By installing it on your phone, you can travel to the distant and inaccessible world and give your home screen a unique wallpaper with amazing 3D effects using the gyroscope sensor.

If you want to travel to the depths of space and witness the beauty of space galaxies up close and discover the greatness of the universe, don’t miss out on the above Live Wallpaper. The features and characteristics of the introduced background image can be mentioned as follows:

* 7 completely different shapes of galaxies with user-selectable capability

* Having 10 unique color themes including fire, bronze, and …

* Having 9 unique backgrounds with beautiful color patterns

* Having settings for customizing galaxies by you

(Note: The original text is in Persian, and the translation may not be accurate. Please provide the original text for a more accurate translation.)

The price of the beautiful Deep Galaxies HD Deluxe live wallpaper is currently $1.50 in the Play Store, but we offer it for free to you users in Usroid.

* Fixing multiple issues and improving performance


Download Deep Galaxies HD Deluxe - Android Galaxy Wallpaper!



Download Deep Galaxies HD Deluxe Android APK



Download Deep Galaxies HD Deluxe Android APK



Download Deep Galaxies HD Deluxe Android APK