All users of devices with Android operating system, without exception, should have a battery consumption management program to prevent rapid discharge of battery charge on their device, because due to the large screen of Android devices, the battery consumption is high. is ; To date, we have introduced several different applications in the field of management and reduction of battery consumption, which were well received by you; Today, we are going to introduce one of the most popular programs to reduce battery consumption called Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro , which turned off Wi-Fi and 3G during the period of active Deep Sleep mode, and programs that run in the background Stopped and this will significantly reduce battery consumption!

In addition, this software will help you to reduce battery consumption by providing various parameters for personalization such as day and night settings, activation period, screen shutdown, synchronization, closing applications, etc. .

Some features and capabilities of Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro Android application:

* Having a night period section or the same night period to permanently put the device in DS mode

* Having a show log section to check the data consumption in the background, such as Wi-Fi internet connection

* Having a powerful whitelist function to ignore custom apps and games from closing

* Turn off Wi-Fi and 3D automatically and stop running software in the background

* 5 default profiles Gentle, Balance , Strong, Aggressive and Slumberer to save battery

* Support for world languages ​​including English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Deutsch, etc.

Application Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro is now in the Android Market has a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 and at a price of 2.59 dollars to sell is that we are in Usroid the latest version of it for free with direct link at your disposal Let.

Note: The upcoming version of the Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro software has been purchased and comes with all the features .

 Changes in version v5.1:

* Bug fixes and program performance improvements


Download Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro - Android battery consumption reduction application