Defense Technica in Persian ( Defense Technica ) is a new game with fantastic and three-dimensional graphics in the style of action and defense games for the Android operating system , which has a score of 4.4 out of 5 in the Play Store, one of the most popular arcade and action games in Android. Is counted. In this game you can experience a new type of defense games.

What technique do you have to confront and defend your territory from alien and powerful creatures ?! Where do you put your weapons and tanks? Can you prevent the powerful and very enemy invasion of the heart of your corps? So you only need to play the addictive game Defense Technica once to be able to test yourself and prepare for higher and more difficult stages.

Some features of Defense Technica Android game:

* Build towers in strategic locations to defend against incoming enemies

* Defeat enemies to get a variety of resources to upgrade towers

* Sell or combine unwanted cards to get new cards

* Upgrade towers to increase the power of hitting the wave of incoming enemies

* Upgrade card system to create a special building cards and upgrade paced unique

* Use ether element items to destroy enemies and repair your own core

* Being a variety of powerful and different weapons for use in war

* Stunning 3D graphics with exciting sounds

In the amazing game Defense Technica , great graphics, professional sound quality and addictive gameplay all go hand in hand to bring the best defense game experience to your Android phone. To download this game along with the data file for free from Usroid, join us ..


Download Defense Technica - high defense graphics game for Android + data




How to install and run the game: Download the compressed horoscope and decompress it. First install the Apk file. Copy the data folder to the android / obb path and finally run the game.


Download Defense Technica Android Apk - NEW



Download Defense Technica Android Apk - NEW



Download Defense Technica Android Apk - NEW