Delete Multiple Contacts Pro v2.5 – Application set of features to delete Android contacts
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Some users of smart devices have stored many contacts in their smart device list due to the use of several different SIM cards or due to their extensive business; The same breadth of contacts makes it more difficult to control and manage them, and in many cases, the user will have trouble finding the number they want to call. Delete Multiple Contacts Pro Unlocked is a unique collection for deleting and managing contacts on Android smart devicesPublished by Little Play Studio. The features included in this relatively versatile app enable users to select any of the contacts or delete a group of them as a group. Filter them based on various features such as email, address, contact numbers, and اعمال and perform various actions on them. Apart from all the features of this app, they have two useful features in it, the first of which is filtering anonymous contacts and the second option is to find unused contacts; With the second feature, Delete Multiple Contacts Pro, easily and just by touching an option, contacts that you have not yet contacted or received contact from them can be identified and deleted.

Some features and capabilities of Delete Multiple Contacts Pro Android application:

  • Delete custom contacts without any problems
  • Filter contacts to delete all of them in groups
  • Identify anonymous contacts for deletion
  • Extraordinary ability to identify unused contacts
  • Very simple and easy user interface
  • Smart search between contacts with multiple filters

Application Delete Multiple Contacts Pro supports a feature specific and useful have thousands of download active and in-network $ 0.99 Score 4.2 from 5.0 received that can now use the newest version of its professional as a product free Download from Usroid language site.

Changes in version v2.5:

* Increase and improve performance + fix program problems.


Delete Multiple Contacts