Demolition Derby 4 v2.03 + Mod – Racing and very action game “Destroyer Derby 4” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (features listed) separately
Tested with offline performance

Demolition Derby 4 is the fourth game in the Demolition Derby franchise, which, unlike the previous three versions released by Beer Money Games, was released by a fledgling studio called Racing Adventure Game Factory. However, it should be said that Racing Adventure Game Factory Studio is solely responsible for publishing the game and has the right to publish the game for mobile devices. This time, at your request, we decided to prepare another game with an exclusive mod version for you friends and offer it for free download. Demolition Derby 4 has the same look and feel as previous games in the series, such as Demolition Derby 2 and Demolition Derby 3 , but has new features such as more cars, more maps, new modes, and more. It should also be said that the fourth part of this series of games has been accompanied by various optimizations to the end result of a graphic game with acceptable details and very realistic and natural gameplay that the overall volume is very small compared to these features. . Therefore, the creators of this game should be praised for making and developing such a well-made game. In the following, we will take a look at the features of this game and examine it in more detail, so stay tuned to Usroid.


Demolition Derby 4


Demolition Derby 4, as the fourth game in the series of devastating derby games, has several features that you have probably not seen in similar games in the same style and context. This game, just like the previous episodes, is related to exciting and of course dangerous car races that are held in different types. In-game races may normally look like all car racing games, but there is one thing in common in all of these races, and that is high violence against competitors! In this game, you are not just trying to be first, but one of your most important priorities during this game should be to defeat rivals and destroy other cars. That is why there is an interesting fashion and variety in these competitions. From normal matches to more violent matches like Survival and Death Match in this game. In matches like Survival and Death Match, you are with several other cars on a relatively small field (such as a rectangular or circular football field) and you have to destroy their car by hitting the opponents hard. The winner of any competition is the one who can last or score more points. There are 4 types of racing cars, rally cars, off-road cars and in Demolition Derby. You can follow the Career section of the game or compete with other competitors in the regular section in selected maps and modes. The game also has an online section that is to be added in future updates. If you are looking for a fun, exciting and special game in the racing style, do not miss Demolition Derby 4 and download it now from Usroid.

Features of Mod 1:

  • Lots of money and coins
  • This version is only available for arm64-v8a devices and is not installed on 32-bit devices.

Features of Mod 2:

  • Unlocking personalization items in the skins and coloring section (money is not Unlimited)
  • This version can be installed on all 32-bit and 64-bit devices.

Important Note: Car models need to be loaded. If you are not able to load them normally, connect your internet connection and change your IP and go to the Garage section to download and install the car model data by selecting any of them. After completing the download of each car model, you can run the game offline.