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Learning any language requires special tools to use them to advance the learning process faster and easier and get higher productivity of time. One of the most important and practical tools in language learning is dictionaries. Dictionaries are books that translate words in one language into words in another and are used as a reference for meaning in sentences. English is the most important and most widely used language in the world and that is why most dictionaries have been produced for this language. Due to the great interest and desire for learning English among Iranians, several dictionaries have been created to convert Persian to English and vice versa. Persian Dictionary & Translator – Dict BoxThe title of a comprehensive English-Persian and Farsi-English dictionary for Android operating system, developed by EVOLLY.APP and published for free on Google Play. This program is one of the best and most comprehensive English dictionaries that supports various dictionaries and the user can add different dictionaries to it as desired. A smart and fast browser in this Android appIt is embedded so that the user can quickly and easily find the words he wants. When typing in the search box, the words are automatically completed by the dictionary and their translation is displayed live. On the results page, the different meanings of the word are presented along with their synonyms and their meanings. You can hear the pronunciation of the phrases in three dialects of British English, American English and Australian. This app is completely offline and you do not need internet to use it.

Some features and capabilities of Persian Dictionary & Translator – Dict Box Android application :

  •  Ability to translate English to Persian and Persian to English
  •  Completely offline and without the need for an internet connection
  •  Very high speed in finding the user’s desired phrases
  •  Has a pronunciation in three dialects for all words
  •  Ability to add dictionaries as desired
  •  Ability to translate text in other programs directly
  •  Has a visual dictionary for longer retention of words in memory
  •  Ability to create favorites list of words
  •  Maintain user search history
  •  Remind the words to the user
  •  Ability to translate using the camera and take pictures of texts
  • Has a floating window to quickly display translations with pronunciation
  •  Ability to translate long sentences
  •  Very simple and easy to use

App Persian Dictionary & Translator – Dict Box is one of the most complete and most comprehensive dictionary of English to Persian and vice versa, with the consent of Android users has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 out of Google users receive. Now you can download the premium version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v8.5.3 : 

* Added synonyms
* Camera translation
* Offline pronunciation in floating window
* Translate long sentences
* US, UK, AU pronunciations


Persian Dictionary & Translator - Dict Box