Didi v1.0 Paid – A terrifying and incredibly attractive role-playing game “Didi” for Android
The purchased and complete version of the game with a price of $3.49 is dedicated to you
Tested with offline execution

Didi – دیدی is the title of a beautiful and well-made game in the role-playing and adventure genre, with exemplary and professional graphics, created and designed with a completely terrifying and disturbing story and theme. The creator of this game is an independent developer from Nepal named Ashim Shakya, who has designed and released various interesting projects. The important point is that this developer works completely individually, and all of his projects, including this game, have been made as solo projects, and he relies solely on his abilities, skills, and talents to design these games and set up his own studio. Didi game is available in two versions, free (Demo) and paid (Full), and at the request of our dear users, and as the first Iranian website, Usroid has prepared the paid version of the game for you, so that you can download and enjoy the game for free and tested from Usroid without the need to pay any fees or search in uncertain sources, and enjoy the ultimate pleasure of the purchased and complete version of the game. Didi game with unique features in the story, gameplay, and graphics, will provide a completely special and attractive experience for you, especially for those who are interested in story-based games with a terrifying theme. So stay with Usroid in introducing and reviewing this beautiful game.




The game Didi is a role-playing game (according to the developer) that, although its gameplay style and context seem more like a horror or action game than a role-playing game. The game is played in first-person and players have the ability to move around and have a 360-degree view of all angles with the help of a virtual gamepad on the screen. The story of Didi is complex and mysterious, and the game developer preferred to describe the game in a single sentence to make the mysterious and complex atmosphere of the game more effective than normal. The game’s description only has this sentence: “Just when you’re ready to dream, your destiny calls you…!” Although this sentence is short and concise, it can be understood that this game tells a scary and nightmare-like story. According to the game’s plot, you play as a young man who is watching TV in his old, quiet, and dark house and finally decides to go to his bedroom and sleep. Shortly after, he wakes up and notices strange changes around him. He feels strange and soon realizes that he is not alone. Gradually, scarier events begin to happen, and finally, he faces this nightmare and now he must try his best to find a way to escape from this nightmare. A way that is not so easy to find. Throughout the game, you must find various items and solve various puzzles with different mechanisms to follow the game and find a way to escape and save yourself from the hidden secrets of this strange nightmare that may be a reality. If you are a fan of scary and thrilling games, Didi can be an excellent choice for you. While most similar games are made with the Unity Engine game engine, this game is made with the powerful and professional Unreal Engine 4, which results in very high graphic details at the level of console games. For more familiarity with the style and context of the game, we recommend that you definitely watch its trailer video and then download the game for free and tested from the direct links of Usroid.

Attention: The game can only be installed on 64-bit [arm64] processors.

Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed mode. Copy the com.StupaX.Didi folder to Android/obb internal memory.