Yes, now that the popular WeChat application in Iran can no longer be used by users, every user has started a messenger application! Choose one Tango app; Another likes the famous Line Messenger software and some others like applications such as Viber, Mitalk and…! Maybe you are one of the users who are accustomed to WeChat software and its user interface is used to you and you are looking for a messenger that has all the features of WeChat in one place and looks like WeChat; Today we are going to introduce one of the best and most similar messenger software called DiDi – Free Calls & Texts , with which you can have the highest possible voice calls like WeChat and chat with your friends!

If the moment feature of WeChat software was interesting for you and entertained you a lot, but there is no trace of it in other messengers, do not worry , DD Messenger brings this feature with it to your Android smartphone or tablet ! This messenger is designed exactly like WeChat and has a very stylish and beautiful interface, and we recommend it to all users who are looking for the best WeChat replacement software.

Some features and capabilities of DiDi – Free Calls & Texts Android:

* Make voice calls with the highest possible quality (for free)

* Make voice calls with 256 nose encryption for maximum security!

* Being very beautiful shapes to express your feelings to friends!

* Ability to establish multiplayer chats with the possibility of creating unlimited!

* Having Moment capability like WeChat software for liking and commenting on posts!

* Complete and hassle-free compatibility with First Mobile and Irancell

* Available for iPhone smart devices; Android and the web!

* Being completely free and having no ads!

DiDi software – Free Calls & Texts now has a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 in the Play Store , which we recommend to all users and chat billing lovers who have lost WeChat!


 Changes in version v1.4.3:

* Bug fixes and program performance improvements


Download DiDi - Free Calls & Texts - the best alternative to WeChat Android!




Download DiDi - Free Calls & Texts Android Apk - NEW FREE


Download DiDi - Free Calls & Texts Android Apk - NEW FREE