Diggy’s Adventure – Diggi’s Adventure is a popular and entertaining game in the style of adventure and drilling games from the Pixel Federation game development studio for Android, at your request.Dear friends, the latest update has been released for download at the same time as its release and is in front of you! In Diggy’s Adventure, you play the role of Diggie, who has to search for treasure, carry out the missions of the gods, and discover the greatest secrets of the ancient world! Join Diggy’s Adventure’s lovable characters named Diggie, Professor, Linda and Rasti, step into the world of ancient civilizations and uncover unforgettable secrets! By searching the mines, you will find various items that you can use to create new items or restore your energy! You will be able to create a special camp for yourself and customize it with all kinds of decorative items and items! Explore new materials and items to get to lower depths and become the world’s greatest adventurer! A wide range of prizes await you, just solve the puzzles assigned to you! If you are a fan of special games, Diggy’s Adventure will undoubtedly attract your attention with its wonderful design and construction.


Diggy's Adventure


Game Diggy’s Adventure With over 10 million downloads from Google Play, and thousands of votes have rated excellent 4.4 from 5.0 the business that we Usroid newest and latest version of the download offer and we are able to first screenshots and trailer of gameplay to View and finally, if you want, download it with one click from the site’s high-speed servers. Finally, Diggy’s Adventure has been tested by us and run smoothly.

Additional points:

1 – The game is online and
2 – the game is not hacked and no mode version
3 – hereinafter always coincide with the release of Game updates and download the page.

Modifications to version v:

* New features + bug fixes + various optimizations.