SPL Audio Analyzer V4.0.1 Digipro a perfect tool for measuring and analyzing the ambient sounds for Android devices
purchased version for $ 1.99 at Google Play app

Fortunately, smartphones have become so powerful today that they can be used for a variety of general and even specialized applications. Existence of various sensors and high processing power allows programmers to develop heavy and specialized software for mobile operating systems. Today we are at your service with another specialized software. DiGiPro SPL Audio Analyzer is a complete and very powerful application for voice analysis for Android operating system, developed by Gaia Consulting software group and published for $ 1.99 on Google Play. This app gives you all the functions of a sound level sensor and an instantaneous spectrum interpreter for your smartphone.

Some of the features and functionality of the program DiGiPro SPL Audio Analyzer Android : 

  • SLM: ‌ Traffic or ambient noise analysis (TNI, dBA / dBB / dBC, Leq)
  • RTA: Frequency response analysis of audio equipment (spectrum, octaves, peaks, RMS)
  • SPL scale measurements
  • 3 measurement modes (dynamic, medium, cumulative)
  • 3 weight filter curves: dBA, dBB, dBC according to DIN-IEC 651
  • Quick and easy calibration page
  • Graph the sound level in the time axis
  • Current dB, average (Leq), minimum and maximum display
  • Leq (Broadband, RMS viewing period)
  • Sound level distribution diagram
  • Stacked sound level chart
  • Display current value, Leq, L90, L50 and L10 values
  • TNI (Traffic Noise Indicator) Display
  • Output measurements and graphs in png and csv formats
  • Tested with Samsung Galaxy device
  • Share text and screen bmp values
  • 5 spectrum measurement modes (dynamic, medium, peak, medium and medium mode smoothing)
  • Graph of sound level versus linear frequency
  • Graph of sound level versus logarithmic frequency (HzLog)
  • 1/1 octave band diagram
  • 3/1 octave band diagram
  • Microphone equalizer (internal or external) in groups of 1/1 octave
  • Calibration in the 1/1 Octave band
  • 2 spectrum views (panels and charts, landscape charts)
  • Tap or drag your finger to select the appropriate frequency stage
  • Just touch for a long time to zoom.
  • 4 values ​​are displayed in front of the selected frequency component (current, Leq, maximum, minutes)
  • Leq (octave, RMS viewing period)
  • Leq (selected frequency, RMS viewing period)
  • Adjustable FFT size (maximum 8192, accuracy around 5 Hz), adjustable FPS (maximum 20)

Application DiGiPro SPL Audio Analyzer  program is perfect for analyzing the ambient sounds that you can do this without the need for the devices. Note that most handsets do not detect sounds below 20 dB and above 100 dB, so measurements are limited to such a range. DiGiPro SPL Audio Analyzer has received a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 from Google Play users with the satisfaction of Android users . Now you can download the purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v4.0.1 : 

* Fixed several minor issues


DiGiPro SPL Audio Analyzer