DIGITAL COMPASS GPS SMART TOOLS / U5 / v1.4 – Android smart compass application
Premium and full version of the application worth $ 2.99 for the first time in Iran

In the not-so-distant past, all communication routes and routes were marked by a compass. With the advancement of technology and the advent of smart compasses, GPS technology has given way; A technology that finds the way and offers the best options without the need for any special knowledge or expertise. With all these interpretations, compasses are still used in various situations, but it should be noted that this navigation tool has also undergone some changes. Many compasses on the market today have become smarter and offer a variety of features in addition to navigation to their users. Due to this issue, we intend to provide you with a wonderful software in this post. DIGITAL COMPASS GPS SMART TOOLS / U5Is the title of a smart digital compass developed by GPS Dragon and published on Google Play. As we mentioned in the above description, this software, relying on GPS technology, offers various possibilities in the form of a compass. Just install this startup and turn your smartphone into a perfect router. All geographical directions are measured with great accuracy and are visible at the moment. Other popular features of this program include longitude and latitude calculation; In this case, wherever you are, the available GPS quickly measures latitude and longitude and displays numbers. The built-in augmented reality system allows you to instantly detect the location of satellites and track their trajectory.

Some features and capabilities of DIGITAL COMPASS GPS SMART TOOLS / U5 Android application:

  • Turn your Android smart device into an accurate compass
  • Provides extremely accurate information without any flaws
  • The system displays latitude and longitude instantly
  • Common coordinate systems including Lat / Long, UTM and MGRS
  • Rely on existing sensors and GPS technology
  • View the exact location of satellites in augmented reality
  • Examining the health of smartphone sensors to estimate the accuracy of information
  • Ability to share specific information with your friends on other platforms

The DIGITAL COMPASS GPS SMART TOOLS / U5 application has been released by its developer for free with a $ 2.99 in-network payment, taking advantage of a special and diverse set of features in the form of a smart compass, which you can now download the latest premium version of. Download from Usroid website without any restrictions on access to facilities .