Diligent: Icon Pack v2.4.5 – a special and unique Icon Pack Android application!
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Diligent: Icon Pack is a special and unique icon pack in the form of shapeless or so-called shapeless, which was developed by FLATEDGE and published on Google Play. We all know that icon packs are one of the most popular options for personalizing the screen of Android smartphones. Dear ones, you can see all kinds of these symbol packages with just one look at the Android Market, however, we have tried so far to provide you with the best of them on the Usroid website. But the point that sometimes catches the attention of us and other users is the type of icon design. The icons that are provided to us in published packages are usually either square or rotating. This is one of the topics that sometimes makes it impossible for us to give our desired beauty to our smartphone screen! To overcome this limitation, we need icons that do not follow a specific framework in their design. Diligent: Icon Pack is one of the best options in this field, which can be considered a popular pack with shapeless icons! The lack of shape of the icons means that they do not have a specific shape and not all of them can be seen as rotating or square. In any case, if you are also interested in this category of icons, to get more acquainted with this software, follow us in the following description.

Diligent: Icon Pack The best shapeless icon pack for Android

As you know, and we have mentioned this several times in the above description, the main reason for the popularity of the Diligent: Icon Pack icon is that it is shapeless. In this package, you dear ones have access to a collection of 2200+ different icons, each of which has a unique design. If you look at all the icons, you will never find two similar icons in terms of design, because no artificial intelligence has interfered in the creation of the icons. The development team has tried to increase the beauty and attractiveness of the symbols by using the best and most dynamic colors in these icons, which is also a great result!

Constant updates

One of the main problems of Android startup developers is the lack of regular and regular updates of programs by them! Fortunately, the developers of Diligent: Icon Pack, knowing this issue and its high importance, are constantly trying to provide you with the best icons in various updates. Users of this icon pack will be able to send a request to the development team before creating updates, to create the startup icon of their choice, so that in the next updates, they can access the icon of their favorite app.

Activation on most smartphones

Icon packs need launchers to activate. All Android smartphones in the world use a special launcher that the user can easily change. In any case, one of the topics that has made Diligent: Icon Pack so popular is its support for a variety of launchers, which helps anyone to easily make extensive changes to their smartphone interface. In addition, it should be noted that you dear ones not only have access to a set of wonderful icons, but also with these icons, there are several custom wallpapers available that are very compatible with the icons.

Some features and capabilities of Diligent: Icon Pack Android app:

  • Access to over 2200+ diverse icons
  • Regular updates to access new icons
  • Very high quality and use of the best possible colors in the symbols
  • Popular shapeless design
  • Access to a set of wallpapers next to icons
  • Support for popular Android launchers
  • Option to submit a request to create your own icon
  • Search among the list of available icons

Diligent: Icon Pack application has been released by its developer with a set of icons and various features at a price of $0.99 and has received a score of 4.9 out of 5.0 by users. Dear ones, you can now download the latest version of this smart app without any restrictions from the high-speed servers of Usroid website.


Diligent Icon Pack