Dino Battle v13.52 + Mod – Fun dinosaur battle role-playing game for Android
Normal version + mod version (Unlimited money) separately
Tested with offline performance

Dino Battle – Dinosaur Battle is an interesting and exciting game from the Bangladeshi studio Tap Pocket in the style of role-playing (Role playing), which like other games of this studio is made and released for free. If you are familiar with this studio and have seen its games, you must know that this company is very interested in role-playing and management style games. This studio is very interested in monster creatures and the games they have made so far are based on the world of these creatures. For example, games such as Sea Monster City , Shark World and Dragon Battle are among these games, the general similarity of which is quite evident in the gameplay. Now the company has entered the world of dinosaurs by presenting a series of new games. One of the games with this theme made by Tap Pocket is called Dino Battle, which we intend to introduce in this article from Usroid site. We prepared this game at the same time as the release of its new version on Google Play, and along with the original version, we have also provided a modded version of it for your friends, so that if you want to experience the game in unlimited mode, you can also play this game. Enjoy.


Dino Battle


In Dino Battle, just like the example games, you are responsible for building and raising a group of monsters. In this game, this time we go to prehistoric animals, namely dinosaurs. In the dinosaur battle game, all kinds of dinosaur species have been designed and reconstructed in this game, and in this regard, we can say that this game is an interesting simulator of historical creatures. You have to start the game by building the main center where you collect dinosaur kids and raise them to the stage of growing up and becoming a real and violent monster. Each of the dinosaurs in this game in turn is a powerful monster, and each has its own capabilities, appearance, abilities and characteristics. You can gather all kinds of them in a group and be ready to fight in a violent world to protect yourself against threats. In fact, Dino Battle is followed in two main parts. The first part is the part where you have to collect and raise different dinosaurs and upgrade each one individually. In the second part, you have to go to the enemies with the help of the group you have formed and try to defeat the enemies with special tactics in RPG style battles. The stronger and better your forces are, the more battles will surely be in your favor than the rivals. Dino Battle is graphically simple but the gameplay in turn is a lot of fun. The main style of the fight section is designed to be turn-based, and from this point of view, it should be said that in order to win these competitions, you must be familiar with this type of fight. This game has been prepared by Usroid in two versions, normal and mod, and has been prepared for download for free.