Dirt Trackin 2 v1.3.0 – Exciting racing car racing game Offroad Android Trailer
Full and purchased version of the game for $ 4.19 Dedicated to you dear ones
tested by running offline

Dirt Trackin 2 – Offroad Car Racing a beautiful and fun car racing style game from  Bennett Racing Simulations, LLC It is for Android devices, which is offered in paid form on Google Play, and at the request of dear users, the latest version, as always, has been published completely free of charge on our site. What can be done in racing games other than riding a car? So there is no need to explain. All you have to do in Dirt Trackin 2 is drive cars and race! Of course in Offroad space! Dirt Trackin 2 has average graphics compared to its size. Of course, we definitely expected better graphics from a game with 123 MB! The design graphics of the cars are not good at all, but the creators have designed the game environment and animations well. Fortunately, the gameplay reduces the graphics a bit. The game’s music, however, is beautiful and adds to the excitement of the game. Dirt Trackin 2 has a little variety in its car section and only 5 car models are included in it! All this becomes important when we realize that it is a paid game, it costs about $ 4! If the game was free, it wouldn’t be much of a problem, and the game’s creators were blamed for some problems, but a paid game definitely needs to have a series of special features to differentiate it from free games and force gamers to buy. Slow down! Features that are rarely seen in Dirt Trackin 2 and disappoint us a little!


Dirt Trackin 2


One of the good features of Dirt Trackin 2 this is where you can compete online with your friends. Personalization is also included in the game, which is still a positive feature and motivates the gamer to continue the game. There are also various tournaments in the game where you can experience racing, and unlike the car design department, the developers have played a good role in designing the tournaments and their variety. The point that you should not forget is that Dirt Trackin 2 is not free and to experience it, you have to pay $ 4.19 (about 50 thousand Tomans for our money)! Now the question is, is the game worth paying for? Certainly not! There are many racing style games that have much higher quality than Dirt Trackin 2 and are also free! Of course, the free version of Dirt Trackin 2 is worth downloading! Our site also provides this game for you for free, so if you like the game, you can download it now. This game is currently available on Google Play The score is 4.6 out of 5.0 and has been downloaded more than a thousand times by Android users around the world and is one of the relatively good games in the Racing category. We in Usroid have released the latest and latest version for free and with a direct link in We give you the option to download it with just one click. We hope you enjoy this game and share your thoughts with us.

Modifications to version v1.3.0:

* Welcome to 4 Lane Johnson drivers; Brandon Little; Patrik Daniel and Shaun Jones
* Supporting Kent Robinson
* Various optimizations and troubleshooting.