Dirt Trackin 2 v1.3.0 – Exciting Off-Road Racing Game for Android
The full and purchased version of the game, priced at $4.19, is presented to you, dear users.
Tested for offline play.

Dirt Trackin 2 – Off-Road Driving is a beautiful and entertaining game in the genre of car racing games from Bennett Racing Simulations, LLC studio for Android devices, which is available for a fee on Google Play and the latest version of it has been released completely free on our website at the request of dear users. What else is done in racing games besides driving? So, no need for explanation. The only thing you have to do in Dirt Trackin 2 is to drive cars and compete! Of course, in the off-road space! Dirt Trackin 2 has average graphics compared to its size. Of course, we expected better graphics from a game with a size of 123 MB! The design of the cars’ graphics is not good at all, but the game environment and animations are well designed by the developers. Fortunately, it can be said that the gameplay of the game reduces the bad graphics of it a bit. The game music is beautiful and adds excitement to the game. However, Dirt Trackin 2 has a little variety in its car section and only 5 car models have been placed in it! All of these become important when we realize that the game is paid, almost $4. If the game was free, it wouldn’t matter much and the game developers would be criticized for some problems, but a paid game must definitely have some special features to distinguish it from free games and persuade gamers to buy it! Features that are rarely seen in Dirt Trackin 2 and make us a little disappointed!


Dirt Trackin 2


One of the good features of Dirt Trackin 2 game is that you can compete online with your friends. The game also includes customization options, which is another positive feature that motivates gamers to continue playing. Additionally, the game offers various tournaments that you can experience and the developers have done well in designing them with diversity, unlike the car design section. It’s important to note that Dirt Trackin 2 is not free, and you have to pay $4.19 (approximately 50,000 Tomans) to experience it! The question arises whether the game is worth paying such a price? Definitely not! There are many racing games that have much higher quality than Dirt Trackin 2 and are also free! However, the free version of Dirt Trackin 2 is still worth downloading! Our website has provided this game for free, so if you like the game, you can download it now. The game currently has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 on Google Play and has been downloaded more than a thousand times by Android users worldwide. It is considered one of the relatively good racing games, and we offer the latest version for free with a direct link on Usroid. We hope you enjoy the game and share your thoughts with us.

Attention: In the custom mod version, it is infinite; even if the number remains constant, it is infinite to buy.