Disney Princess Majestic Quest v1.7.1a – Puzzle Game “The Magic Mission of the Princess” for Android Trailer
A beautiful and lovable game in the style of Puzzle and Jurkin in collaboration with Gameloft and Disnep
tested online

Disney Princess Majestic Quest whose full title is Disney Princess Majestic Quest: Match 3 & Decorate, is a very beautiful, fantasy and very well-made puzzle game in the style of jigsaw puzzles and management games (decor design). The theme, characters and adventures are related to the world of Disney and the company’s favorite princes such as Mulan, Ariel, Belle and Jasmine. This game is played by Gameloft with the direct cooperation of Disney company, it has been prepared and produced and has been made available to Android users all over the world on Google Play for free with in-app payment capability. Usroid proudly announces that the first Iranian website is the publisher of this game for the Android operating system, and it has provided it for you dear ones to download for free after reviewing and testing it. Disney Princess Majestic Quest: Match 3 & Decorate, just like its name, is a puzzle combination game of 3 Match 3 (Match 3) and management (layout and decor design). The whole game is exactly like all the games of this style, and in this sense, this game cannot be considered an exclusive and special title. Disney after making Disney Frozen Adventures now he is back with another game from his favorite animated series, and this time he has entrusted the responsibility of making his game to one of the most reputable and powerful mobile game companies, Gameloft Studio, so that, as always, the result will be a great thing. Disney Princess Majestic Quest: Match 3 & Decorate with its attractive structure, amazing designs and fun style is here to entertain those who are interested in puzzle and management games. As mentioned, the characters in Disney Princess Majestic Quest: Match 3 & Decorate are modeled on Disney princess characters. So it’s a completely girly and fantasy title, but the gameplay is so much fun that anyone can enjoy it.

Some features of Disney Princess Majestic Quest: Match 3 & Decorate Android:

  • Excellent graphics with super beautiful and fancy designs
  • Playing roles as famous princesses and princes of Disney cartoons and animations
  • There are different characters like Bell, Ariel, Jazemin and Molan, Aladdin, Dave and Delbar and many others.
  • There are beautiful animated demos to show the story section
  • There are different dialogues and decisions during the game
  • Puzzle-management gameplay style
  • There are dozens of fun puzzle puzzles like the Match 3 Puzzle.
  • Travel to various places and try to renovate and beautify beautiful palaces
  • It has a very entertaining and creative management section for managing, designing decor and rebuilding multiple locations
  • An interesting storyline with spectacular and fascinating adventures
  • Ability to use special forces, boosters, skills and items in the gameplay section

Disney Princess Majestic Quest: Match 3 & Decorate is a very creative and well-crafted puzzle-style game that has a lot of fun with its various sections. If you are interested in Disney cartoons and animations such as The Legend of Molan, The Demon and the Sweetheart, The Little Mermaid, etc., this game is made for you! At Disney Princess Majestic Quest: Match 3 & Decorate, all of these popular characters come together to create a beautiful game. In the role of each of these princesses, you have to build your royal and royal palace and manage and beautify it according to your own taste! This fascinating game is currently ready for download as a test from Usroid . It is worth mentioning that this game has registered more than 1 million downloads and has managed to score 4.3 out of 5.0 to occupy. To learn more about the game, you can see screenshots or trailer video introducing it from the download box.

Note: Disney Princess Majestic Quest is available online and no modes have been released yet.

Changes to version v1.7.1a:

* Travel to China and play a role as Mulan’s character
* Add more stages
* Add new items in the decoration section
* Add more characters like Fa Zhou and Grandmother Fa


Disney Princess Majestic Quest