[Display Tester v4.37 [Pro – Android Screen Testing App
Professional Version with Access to All Tests

Android devices in different brands use different quality screens, each of which has its own capabilities and somehow shows the power of the device to the user. If we want to rationally examine different devices, we can consider Samsung as one of the best in screen quality, which is part of the high price of its smartphones. But it is better to know that each screen has its own capabilities that we want to introduce you to in this post! Display Tester Pro Unlocked is a great software for testing Android device screensDeveloped by Braintrapp Group and published in the Google Play Store. This tool tests your screen in a special and comprehensive way and gives you a completely reasonable result. From testing dead pixels to testing multi-touch screen capabilities, everything is included in this app so you can get acquainted with the actual power of your screen!

Some features and capabilities of the Android Display Tester app:

  • Test the dead pixels by displaying a series of colored backgrounds
  • Contrast test, gradient and saturation
  • Gamma calibration test
  • Visual angle testing (not usable for oled pages)
  • Multi-touch screen test
  • Screen performance test
  • Screen measurement information such as screen size, graphics processor type, dpi and…
  • Full support for Google Cast
  • Test different font sizes
  • Manual DPI measurement
  • Color chart
  • DIP / PX measurement and calculation

Application Display Tester as one of the best software available in a variety of tests screen has a million downloads enabled rated 4.3 out of 5.0 by users, Google acquired can now use the newest version of the professional Get it by accessing all the features from the big Usroid website .


Display Tester