Distance Calculator Premium v1.13 – Android Distance Measuring Application
Purchased version for $3.99 for the first time in Iran

Google Maps is one of the best and most popular features that Android users love and use daily to meet their needs. This high popularity has led to the design and release of various auxiliary tools to meet other user needs in Android markets. Distance Calculator Premium is an incredibly useful application for measuring the distance between two points, developed by LKE TECH PREMIUM and published on Google Play. Simply run the program and mark your desired two points on it to quickly display the exact distance between the marked pins. Apart from marking with pins, you can also use the pen mode and mark them by dragging your finger on different roads. Unlike other software available in the Android market, there are several different modes for displaying maps, and each user can use any of them as desired. Don’t miss out on this feature-packed app and stay with us in the rest of the article to get it.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Distance Calculator Premium Android app:

  • Experience a new experience when using the program
  • Completely 3D maps to meet user needs
  • Ability to select narrow paths by marking points
  • Measure the distance of continuous paths by simply dragging your finger on them
  • Measure and display the distance between two specific locations
  • Adjust the map viewing angle
  • Access to multiple different map modes
  • Various measurement units such as meters, kilometers, miles, and …

Distance Calculator Premium application, with its various features in measuring different distances, has received a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating by Google Play users for its $3.99 price tag. You can now purchase the latest version of it from the direct links of Usroid website, which includes all the features.


Distance Calculator Premium