DNS Changer Fast&Secure Surf v1.2.6 – Android’s Smart and Fast DNS Changing Application
The professional and complete version of the program worth $19.99

DNS Changer Fast&Secure Surf is the title of a smart and fast DNS changing application for Android operating system, developed by the renowned company Protectstar Inc and published on Google Play. One of the best ways for ISPs to fully monitor users or restrict their access to certain services is through DNS. DNS, which is considered a communication bridge, has a significant impact on internet speed and security. Using some DNS can greatly reduce your security and create conditions for hackers to access your information. Nonetheless, changing DNS is one of the best ways to deal with such problems. Making such changes is not an easy task for novice users in normal mode and requires some skills. However, Usroid website intends to eliminate all limitations in this area by introducing a software. DNS Changer Fast&Secure Surf is one of the best options that allows you to change your DNS connections and surf the web with ease. The first thing that may catch your attention after installation is the program’s support for Wi-Fi connections and network data. No matter how you are connected to the internet, just touch an option and witness your DNS change in a few seconds. A set of ready-made DNSs is available to you, which you can use without any restrictions and even use a dedicated DNS. After activating DNS, in many cases, your internet speed increases and the security of your smartphone multiplies. The DNS test feature allows you to test all available DNSs and select the fastest one for your internet connection.

Some features and capabilities of the DNS Changer Fast & Secure Surf Android app:

  • Change DNS of your smartphone connection without any complexity
  • Increase internet speed and also your privacy while browsing web pages
  • Significantly reduce video buffering
  • Enhance your security when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks
  • Improve ping during online gaming
  • Access to a variety of different DNS sets
  • Option to test DNS speeds (only in the Persian version)
  • Block pornographic websites
  • No need for root access

The DNS Changer Fast&Secure Surf app, with its special features for making DNS changes, has been released for free by its developer along with a $19.99 in-app purchase, and has received a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating from users. You can now download its latest professional version from the Usroid website.


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