Do It Now – RPG To Do List | Task List v22.6.0 – Android Daily Task Management App
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Every person, based on their position in society, has responsibilities with the start of each new day. Sometimes, having bad habits causes us to fall short in our activities and not doing them properly not only harms ourselves but also others. One of the best ways to solve such a problem is to continuously follow up on activities and tasks. Do It Now – RPG To Do List | Task List Premium is the title of an intelligent and widely used task management system developed by Levor for Android and published on Google Play. This software helps users to complete all their activities in the best possible way by following up on them and restore order and discipline to their lives. By installing this app, a virtual hero also appears on your device, who receives XP by completing each of his activities and gradually increases in rank. This increase in abilities and ranks allows you to simulate a virtual character of yourself with a set of good and bad ethics and behaviors in Divaistan, and at any time, determine what position you have in society and among your peers.

Some features and capabilities of the Do It Now – RPG To Do List | Task List Android app:

  • Daily task management system
  • Tracking all your activities with high accuracy
  • Creating a virtual hero named Smart Fountain
  • Earning various XP and simulating a virtual character of users
  • Improving activities in a short period of time
  • Eliminating bad habits over time
  • Access to a comprehensive statistics about your activities
  • Reminder system to prevent any forgetfulness

The Do It Now – RPG To Do List | Task List app has attracted the trust of various users with its special feature and received a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating from them. You can now get the latest original version of the app from the vast database of Usroid; our version includes all the features.