Dolphin Jetpack is the fastest and best web browser application, a combination of the powerful Dolphin browser and Dolphin engine for the Android operating system, with which you can view the pages of blogs and websites with the highest possible quality and the most beautiful shape, and experience an attractive web browsing experience. Have it on your smartphone. The browser is designed with the latest technology and executes JavaScript and HTML5 code at the highest speed. According to its designer, Dolphin Jetpack executes websites ten times faster than its default phone browser and twice as fast as Chrome browser. more than . Features of this web browser include having a back and forth button, having a night mode and a simple and user-friendly environment.

Some features and capabilities of Dolphin Jetpack Android application:

* Display the pages of websites and blogs in the best possible way

* View web pages as fast as possible

* Simple, classic and user-friendly user interface

* Being free and not having any ads

* Frequent updates to improve app performance

To download the latest version of Dolphin Jetpack for free and with a direct link from Usroid , read more.

 Changes in version v7.3.1:

* Added new features

* Improved performance and troubleshooting