Don’t Party: Pixel Z v1.0.330 + Mod – “Pixel Zombies” Simulation and Strategy Game for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited energy, blood, and brains) available separately
Tested for offline play

Dont Party: Pixel Z – Pixel Zombies is another fantasy and interesting game from Chinese studio Wingjoy Games, created in the simulation genre and available for free on Google Play. Usroid is proud to introduce and publish another game for the first time as the first Iranian website, and offer its latest official version alongside a modded version for download. Dont Party: Pixel Z is a strange game with a unique approach. Wingjoy Games is known for creating games with special perspectives, and this title is one of its most important ones. In fact, the creator of this game has tried to offer a new and special process by presenting a highly complex story and conflicting characterizations with common standards to attract more players who are looking for diversity. Although Wingjoy Games’ efforts have not yet been successful as they should be, it must be said that the works published by this developer have been interesting and special in their own right and certainly have their own special fans. Dont Party: Pixel Z has also been created in this direction and has its own special features and story, which we will discuss in more detail below.


Dont Party: Pixel Z


The game Dont Party: Pixel Z tells the story of a great riot and turmoil. The game developer decided to use a complex story for the main scenario of the game for specific reasons. The story is related to a large company called Ignis Industries, which after a major economic crisis in the world, has controlled this chaos with a large army and apparently made the world peaceful. However, behind the scenes, this company is engaged in secret and dangerous activities against humanity to gain control over all humans. You play as one of the employees of this company and when you realize their evil plans, you escape and look for a way to stop them. After a while, you will cooperate with people who agree with you and are looking to stop the activities of Ignis Industries. You use Ignis Industries’ own technology against them. This technology is a type of biological process that creates zombie-like humans. Now that you have access to this technology, you have created an army of zombies to stop Ignis Industries. Throughout the game, Dont Party: Pixel Z, you must manage different parts and upgrade your forces to follow the course of the battles and successfully overcome them. Your strategic power plays an important role in the game. The game Dont Party: Pixel Z is designed with pixel graphics. You can experience this game by downloading the regular or modified version of the game through the direct links on Usroid.