Dorado Clean Pro – Ram Booster pro v3.2.0 – Application for optimizing and speeding up Android devices
Purchased version for $ 0.99

Dorado Clean Pro – Ram Booster pro is a great application for optimizing devices with Android operating system as quickly as possible.Is published by Dorado X on Google Play for money and we intend to introduce it. Using its unique system, this program prevents the increase of extra and useless files, and by deleting them, in addition to freeing up storage memory, it also increases the speed of your smart device. If you are one of the most used users of the Android operating system, that is, run several applications simultaneously, you will notice an increase in battery and CPU temperature after a while; Dorado Clean Pro supports a specific technology by identifying and closing unused applications in the background to cool the processor and save battery power. Furthermore ; Another feature of this software is to increase the instantaneous speed of the smartphone, which by accessing this feature with just one touch, all running programs are closed and the amount of RAM activity of the device reaches zero, so that new programs again and with Run at double speed.

Some features and capabilities of Dorado Clean Pro – Ram Booster pro Android app:

  • Identify additional files left over from programs and delete them with just one touch
  • Delete thumbnail images stored in memory to speed up the device
  • Deeply release device RAM and recall programs to run faster
  • Unique CPU cooling technology by stopping unused programs in the background
  • Display detailed information on battery consumption by each application
  • Professional battery storage using proprietary system
  • Beautiful and different widgets for quick access to different parts of the app

Application Dorado Clean Pro – Ram Booster pro $ 0.99 has managed so far only 50 Active accounted for and points 4.0 to 5.0 to obtain a copy of the purchased software from Usroid one of the first global users that want You had to install and run it on your Android device.

Changes in version v3.2.0:

* Added new features
* Optimized and deleted junk files
* Fixed program issues + various improvements