doRecorder Pro: Voice recorder -audio recording v1.0.4 – Advanced Android voice recording application
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Taking notes is one of the main ways to memorize the issues raised in meetings or classes; Sometimes, due to the circumstances of your speaker or professor, the discussion may move too fast and you may not be able to take the notes you want. Thanks to smart devices, one of the best ways to save speeches or interviews with very high detail is to record audio. In Android smartphones, by default, there is a software for recording audio, which unfortunately does not have enough features, so Usroid website with its specialized reviews has tried to provide you with the best of these tools. Give. doRecorder Pro: Voice recorder -audio recordingIs the title of an advanced voice recording application developed by the Cooling team and published on Google Play. This wonderful software, by providing a set of features, allows its users to store the sounds around them in any situation with excellent quality and play at any time. One of the most important functional features of this startup is the high quality of sounds. To have complete control over the saved files, you are provided with a set of various management options that will help you make the necessary changes to the sounds without the need for any file manager. The recording rate can be changed and anyone can adjust it according to their needs. Unlike some similar tools that always limit their users to recording limitations, this smart app has no time limit and the recording time of the audio depends only on the amount of memory on your device.

Some features and capabilities of doRecorder Pro: Voice recorder -audio recording Android:

  • Ultra high quality surround sound recording
  • Record sounds in a variety of situations such as meetings, classrooms and…
  • Supports both mp3 and ogg formats
  • Play, pause and pause audio files
  • A set of diverse options for intelligent management of recorded files
  • Ability to store recorded sounds in the internal memory
  • Live audio spectrum analysis
  • Adjust sample rate without any restrictions
  • There were no restrictions on the recording time of the sounds
  • Record audio in the background of the device
  • Ability to send and share recorded sounds on social networks or messengers
  • Ability to record with internal or external microphone
  • Timer to view the recording time

Application doRecorder Pro: Voice recorder -audio recording with the benefit of its various features and functionality at a price of $ 1.49 has been released by the developer himself and managed to score 4.6 from 5.0 and Google Play users can now get the newest version Get it purchased for free from Usroid’s big website .


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