WhatsApp+ v11.10 – WhatsApp Plus software – full version without the need for a key file – hide online status is active and works well! 
WhatsApp Plus update on Android devices – completely safe

If you are one of the people who are familiar with messenger and chat programs, no doubt you know the popular messenger and the familiar name of WhatsApp !? One of the most popular messengers available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, etc. operating systems, which has attracted millions of users from around the world! This messenger, which can be used for free by users for a period of 1 year, allows you to easily chat with your contacts and experience the best and most practical at a very low cost. Have a messenger! The official version of WhatsApp messenger called WhatsApp Messenger in the Android Market is available for Android users for free, the latest version of which you can download from Usroid. But today, we are going to introduce the version of WhatsApp Messenger, which has been released under the name of WhatsApp+, and it is better to know that this version has no disadvantages compared to the official version, but gives more features to users! In the WhatsApp Plus Messenger version, which is actually the original version with customization capabilities, you will be able to easily change their colors, fonts and sizes, and more! On the other hand, the upload size of the media file, which is sixteen MB in the stock version, has been increased in this version, and you can also send large files with it!

Some general features and capabilities of WhatsApp software WhatsApp Android:

  • Send your photos to the audience with the highest possible quality (Plus version)
  • Having a powerful dedicated download and a stylish and different theme (Plus version)
  • Send your music with just one click and one touch (Plus version)
  • Ability to chat with friends and contacts in groups and in groups
  • No need to register on a specific website or password and username
  • Regular availability and 24 hour users for each other!
  • Having settings to customize the sound of the notification, wallpaper, etc.
  • Having additional functions for use in both horizontal and vertical modes, sending audio, photos for profiles, etc.

If you want to have the latest version of the powerful WhatsApp+ application on your Android mobile phone, you can download the latest version of it with one click and for free from Usroid. WhatsApp Plus was blocked by the manufacturer some time ago, and among the users who used WhatsApp Plus, their accounts were blocked. Now, an updated version called WhatsApp+ Re Born has been released, and your account will not be blocked!