DR.MEEP v1.8.1 – Different puzzle game “Dr. Mip” for Android + trailer of
the purchased and complete version of the game for $ 0.99, presented to you,
tested with offline execution

DR.MEEP – Dr. Mip is a very interesting game with a new and innovative approach to similar games, which is priced at $ 1 by HyperBeard Studios, which already has interesting games such as the KleptoCats or KleptoDogs series or the Tsuki Adventure adventure game. Produced and published for the Android operating system. We also make this game as fast as possible for the first time among Iranian sitesWe have prepared jigsaw puzzles for you. The gameplay and generality of DR.MEEP game is like many Match-3 style puzzle games, and its process and type are the same. But what distinguishes this game from similar games is the interesting attitude of the game and its story section, which has created a different title by combining and beautifully combining with the gameplay section. In DR.MEEP, you play the role of a psychologist and your patients are characters who are mentally damaged and need your advice. Some are psychotic and others suffer from chronic depression. They come to your office to visit and start talking about their problems. The design of this section is excellent and humorous. This design is done as if the main character of the game, Dr. Mip, does not care about the words of the patients and only treats them in his own way. This treatment is no other way than solving Match-3 puzzles. The creators of the game have used the title Match-3 Therapy to describe this game!




In the game DR.MEEPYou are in the role of a skilled doctor who treats his patients in a special way. Do not forget that your patients are different and many of them have behavioral contradictions! That’s why you need to treat each patient with a specific strategy. The wrong method may lead to the patient’s aggression, but the right method calms the patient. You can unlock more patients and stages by treating patients and earning points. During the game, there are 9 patients with unique features, each of which is challenged to treat each. There are also more than 45 jigsaw puzzles in the game that are seemingly simple to solve, but in fact somewhat challenging. In these puzzles, you have to put similar items next to each other to earn the corresponding points. If at least 3 similar ones are placed next to each other (either horizontally or vertically), their points will be recorded. As a result, you should try to put more items together to earn more points. DR.MEEP game with more than 1000 downloads and earningsA score of 4.5 out of 5.0 is on sale on Google Play. You are now able to download the purchased and tested version of this game for free from Usroid and experience this game completely, without restrictions and without ads!

Changes in version v1.8.1:

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