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Dragon Battle – Dragon Battle Another Bangladeshi studio game, Tap Pocket, makes games like Shark WorldIt is produced in a simulation and role-playing style and is available for free for the Android operating system. This game development studio is very interested in discussing simulator games of wild creatures and monsters. In fact, with one or two exceptions, the rest of the work produced by Tap Pocket Studios has been about breeding and competing with monsters, especially dragons. In this article, we will go to another project of this game company, namely Dragon Battle, from Usroid site. In this game, which is very similar to Shark World, you have to build a strong colony by collecting and breeding strange dragons and monsters. Of course, the nature of this game is not violence, but like many similar games in this field, you cultivate fantasy, colorful, kind and, of course, very beautiful creatures. Although some of these games are related to the battles of these monsters, but in general, it should be said that the main feature of these games is their creativity and fantasy. In fact, unlike what it looks like, in Dragon Battle you will have dragon-type pets and your job is to take care of them. That’s why you need to create a group of different dragons and benefit from different races. Once you’ve formed the right group, you’ll need to compete with other groups and use your dragons to fight other monsters.


Dragon Battle


Each dragon has its own characteristics, skills, appearance and abilities. So to take advantage of them and get the best results, you need to make good use of your strategic and managerial skills. In this game, you go to an imaginary world and discover new things and more items at each stage. Your enemies are also dragons, but they are evil and evil races, and you will have no choice but to fight them. One of the interesting features of Dragon Battle is the possibility of combining breeds and creating new and rare breeds of monsters and dragons! Also, by earning points and money during the game, you can develop your dragon and upgrade its level to several stages to turn from a funny and small creature into a big and glorious dragon! Dragon Battle Game is a fun game and an interesting simulator of dragon breeding and development that can keep you entertained for a long time. Get started now and download the regular or modded version of Dragon Battle for free and tested from Usroid, create your dragon world, and by breeding and collecting the best breeds, create a beautiful yet powerful colony. With their help, you can destroy the enemies one after the other. Dragon Battle has been downloaded 1,000,000 times on Google Play to dateIt also scored 4.1 out of 5.0 . To learn more about the style of play can continue screenshots and gameplay video of the game to see.

V12.48 version changes:

* New design of different parts of the game
* Removing some bugs