Dragon x Dragon v1.7.22 + Mod – Simulation and strategy game “Dragon Land” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (Unlimited money) individually
tested with offline execution

Dragon x Dragon – Dragon Land is a management and strategy game in the style of a simulation of the legendary dragon world, developed for free by the Japanese studio GiantMonster and published on Google Play. Although this game is offered for free, but it has the ability to pay in-app and there are many items inside the game store that you have to make real payments to buy them, but this feature is normally available in Iran. is not. For this reason, Usroid has not only prepared the original version of the game for you dear ones, but also has offered a modded version of this game so that if you want to experience the game in mod and Unlimited mode, you can enjoy this game enough. Cut. Dragon x Dragon is a game modeled on older titles like Dragons Evolution .Dragon Battle , Dragon Mania Legends , School of Dragons , Merge Dragons , Dragon Village and Dragon City , which we have introduced to you dear ones in other Usroid content. To refer to the introduction page of each of these games and download them, just click on the name of the game you want to be directed directly to the content of the same game in Usroid. Therefore, it should be said that Dragon x Dragon game has a repetitive and clichéd nature, and if you are already familiar with and experienced the games mentioned, this game will be associated with the features of those games.


Dragon x Dragon


In Dragon x Dragon you have a mythical land inhabited by fantasy dragons. Your job is to manage this land and expand it by keeping, nurturing and caring for dragons. This process starts from the birth of these creatures and continues until they become large and uncontrollable monsters. In fact, like many other games, Dragon x Dragon has two main parts. The first part is the breeding and management of different types of dragons of different breeds. In the second part, you can form a group with the dragons you have raised and go to battle with them with other dragons. These battles are mostly turn-based 6-on-6 battles. Each dragon can be upgraded and customized individually. So for this part you need to use strategic skills. In Dragon x Dragon it is also possible to combine the dragon race with each other and create a new race. Game Dragonx Dragon is very simple in terms of graphics, but there are many details in these designs that make this game look like a good strategy game. The modeling is two and a half dimensional and animated. To get more acquainted with the type of game designs, you can watch the video of the game introduction trailer and take a look at the screenshot images. Dragon x Dragon is now available for download in both standard and mod versions. To download this game, you can use the direct links of Usroid that are in the download box.

Note: After installing the game, the Internet is connected so that the game receives some data and after that you can enjoy the game offline.