Drapers – Merchants Trade Wars v1.1.3 – Android game fantastic range of commercial warfare + trailer
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Drapers – Merchants Trade Wars from Tiltan Games is a board game in which there are economic elements and commodity-to-commodity exchanges. This gameIt is really challenging and you have to adopt the right strategies step by step in each step. Your main goal in the Android game Drapers – Merchants Trade Wars is to try to become a successful businessman and trader in trading goods such as high quality fabrics and silk in the Mediterranean. In this game, you will get acquainted with the medieval culture and you will face the dangers of different oceans and seas. You have to make diplomatic agreements and in some cases conspire with the help of pirates for rivals. In this game, all traders have to constantly compete with each other. These merchants can be online people from all over the world, but you can also compete with the game’s AI. You need a lot of information to do business; For example, how to hire workers, how to use the resources at your disposal, where to extract goods such as fabrics and silk, and…! You can use the messages in the game to access this information that will guide you step by step! If you are a fan and lover of screen games and special Android games, without a doubt, this game will attract your attention with its wonderful construction and is worth downloading.


Drapers - Merchants Trade Wars


In the game Drapers – Merchants Trade WarsOnce you’ve traded and made money, you can build with your own money, hire workers, build mines, contract with other traders, expand your lands, and that تازه this is just the beginning. And you face new challenges with rising taxes and the loss of ship cargo and many other unsolved puzzles. You should also pay special attention to your own safety, as your other competitors will try to cause problems in your work and take you out of the competition (hiring pirates, burning assets, etc.). The variety of situations in Drapers – Merchants Trade Wars game, can bring you a unique experience of a board and brain game. You can do whatever you want in this game, but keep in mind that you are in a very competitive battle and whoever has more wealth wins this game. In the continuation of this article, you can see the introductory trailer and screenshots of the game to get more acquainted with Drapers – Merchants Trade Wars. This game is tested and completely free by the teamUsroid is available to you dear ones and you can download this game from our servers if you wish.

Changes in version v1.1.3:

* Improved server connection status for users