Drawmaster v1.12.23 + Mod – Puzzle and entertaining game “Shooting Master” for Android mobile
Regular version + Mod version (unlocking all characters, pets and weapons)
Tested offline

Drawmaster – Shooting Master is another entertaining title from the Emirati studio CASUAL AZUR GAMES, which is available for free but with in-app purchases. Drawmaster is a puzzle-based casual game. If you are familiar with other games released by this studio, you may notice the tight competition between this studio and Playgendary Limited. For example, if you have experienced Ultimate Bowmasters, you will quickly notice its similarities to Drawmasters. Although it seems that these two studios are actually collaborating studios operating under different pseudonyms, it should be noted that the similarities between the games of these two studios are interesting and noteworthy in their own right. In the Shooting Master game, you will experience an exciting and simple gameplay, but at the same time entertaining and even challenging. The creative idea used in making this game has made this title appealing and entertaining for everyone. So stay tuned with Usroid to take a look at the main features and characteristics of this game.




Drawmaster is a fun shooter game where you play as an archer and determine the path of your arrow by drawing it. Your goal is to solve puzzles that can only be solved by shooting arrows along a specific path. Your enemies throughout the game are thieves and criminals who must be brought to justice by you! The difficulty of the game increases as you progress through the levels. One interesting feature of Drawmaster is the design of the mechanisms in each level. Throughout the game, you must use your strategic and logical skills to find the best and easiest way to destroy your enemies. For example, instead of destroying each enemy separately with individual shots, you can eliminate them all at once by creating an explosion with one shot. The general nature of the game Drawmaster is to use your creativity to complete the game’s levels and solve puzzles. In this game, you actually control two archers. This challenge makes the game more diverse and difficult. You must eliminate enemies with simultaneous shots from these two archers, but this requires concentration as there is a high probability of interference between the shots of the two archers. By completing more levels and earning points and money, you can buy weapons and other items from the game’s store. The shooting master game with over 10 million downloads on Google Play has achieved an excellent score of 4.8 out of 5.0. To learn more about the game’s gameplay and style, you can watch the introduction trailer video and then download the regular or modded version of the game from the download box on Usroid.