Dream Sleuth: hidden object in Persian (Detective Dream: Hidden Objects) is an extremely beautiful and entertaining game in the style of intellectual games, adventure and hidden object for the Android operating system , which despite being tens of thousands of times free by users of Google Play download. The story of the game is told in the language of Google Play as follows: “Young Katherine steps into strange dreams in which a girl has just been kidnapped! In this way, he encounters suspicious clues! No one knows about the kidnapped girl in the game and only young Katherine will be able to find this girl and save her! “Katherine is starting her adventures and detectives now, and to reach the girl she has to meet a lot of people and do her best to find her!”

Yes, now you, in the role of Katherine, must do your best to look for the girl before it is too late and bring the experience of the best Hayden Object game to your Android smartphone or tablet!

Some features of Dream Sleuth adventure game: hidden object Android:

* Adventure and play in a variety of places and environments

* Play very exciting music during the player’s adventure

* Having a very exciting story just like a movie!

* Solve very challenging puzzles and riddles to reach the child!

* Having HD graphics and excellent compared to its small size compared to similar games

Hidden Objects Dream Sleuth: hidden object now in the Android Market at a price of $ 1.99 goes on sale today and we Usroid the first website of Iranian version of it along with the data file to put you and we hope the Psndtan located To be…


Dream Sleuth: hidden object - Puzzle game Detective Dream: hidden object Android + data




Game installation and running instructions:

– First, download and install the Apk file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Com.nevosoft folder . Copy dreamsleuth to Android / obb path.

– Run the game.


Download Dream Sleuth: hidden object Android Apk + Obb - NEW


Download Dream Sleuth: hidden object Android Apk + Obb - NEW