Drift X BURN v2.6 + Mod – “Fire Drift” racing and fun game for Android
Normal version + mod version (Unlimited coins and diamonds) separately
Tested with offline performance

Drift X BURN is a well-made and three-dimensional game from the category of racing games in the style of drift competitions, which is a free game developed by the fledgling studio BBEVGOYMER LTD in Malta and available on Google Play Android players are located all over the world. Usroid is the first Iranian website on the web to introduce and review this game, and at your request, dear ones, has published the latest version along with a separate version of the mode, so that once again players and lovers of car style games Enjoy riding, racing and drifting. Drift X BURN is the first project of BBEVGOYMET LTD studio. This game is not only a game in terms of graphic design, gameplay and general content, but also in terms of naming, it is a copy of the world-famous CarX Drift Racing game series. Although this game has a smaller volume and lower graphic level than this series of games, but in turn it is a well-made game that its creators have worked hard to build and release.


Drift X BURN


In Drift X BURN, the main focus of the game is on realistic gameplay and physics. This game, as its name suggests, is a competitive and racing title in the style of Drift competitions, which it is not possible to be a fan of racing games and cars and not be familiar with this category. In drift competitions, the main criterion is to earn points by drifting in turns and spiraling cars by hand and braking. This style of competition is very tough and challenging and has long found its way into mobile games. Drift X BURN is a good example of where your drifting skills will be challenged. Like any other similar game in racing style, in Drift X BURN you can compete in different parts of the game and different stages and earn money and points and then buy higher model cars with the money earned or Upgrade and personalize them. Drift X BURN game with good graphic designs and fully three-dimensional modeling can be an interesting and exciting simulator in the field of drift car games. The gameplay features of this game invite every player to an interesting and not so easy challenge, so if you are one of the contenders of this style of games, do not miss the fiery drift and right now download the latest version from the Usroid box download section. Get it for free and in tested form.