Drive Simulator v4.0 + Mod – Driving simulator game for Android devices
Normal version + Mod version (unlimited money) individually
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Drive Simulator – Driving simulatorThe title is a simulation style game published by App Holdings game studio for Android devices. The mentioned game development studio has already presented many successful games and has a good record. Drive Simulator is another successful and well-made game of this game studio, which has been welcomed by gamers and has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times in the Android Market. Undoubtedly, this exceptional reception of a simulation game is not accidental and shows its popularity. For many people, driving is one of the experiences that feels great, and today, with the advancement of mobile gaming technology, many have tried to convey this good feeling to gamers through new simulation technologies. Fortunately, this game is one of the few games that has done very well in this field and in this game you will be able to experience driving in a calm and stress-free environment with a real sense of driving. In this game, you will be able to take control of all types of heavy vehicles and experience the pleasure of driving in them with a realistic graphics and unique details.


Drive Simulator


More than 15 heavy vehicles in Drive SimulatorThere you have to use them to complete a large package of various missions and goals and enter a vast world that you will not see in any other simulation game like it. Most of your missions and goals are basically moving different loads. For example, at the airport you have to pull the planes together, move the passengers along with their luggage, refuel the planes, go to the construction sites and destroy the buildings with the ball. Demolish, take construction machinery and equipment to designated construction sites, work on large cranes, go to warehouses and move light goods, go to port and load containers and load Replace heavy equipment, go to maintenance sites and repair broken machines, and many more that you will become more familiar with during the game. Some other features of this game include: 3D environment and HD graphics, more than 15 heavy vehicles, 5 different modes, and easy controls. Drive Simulator was able toScore 4.1 out of 5.0 on Google Play and Usroid teamintends to provide this game to you dear ones in a tested and completely free way. Now you can download the original version of this game with its modded version without any restrictions from our servers and enjoy its execution!

Changes in version v4.0:

* Various optimizations and game problems