Droid Automation – Pro Edition v4.1.0 – Android Commands Automatic Execution App
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In many cases, it happens to us that we repeatedly execute certain commands throughout the day with our Android device; If the execution time of these commands is time consuming or lasts for several days, it becomes boring and we no longer want to execute them. On the other hand, we waste a lot of time and lose many of our activities. The best suggestion to solve this problem; Use Android automation programs! Droid Automation – Pro Edition is a unique application for automatically executing Android commands and activitiesDeveloped and published by wakdev. This software allows its users to perform various activities such as turning on the GPS, running the program and صورت automatically and save a lot of career time. One of the most important features of this program compared to similar and existing versions is its support for repeating created loops; So that you can repeat a loop of commands continuously and consecutively. Aside from all the benefits of Droid Automation, it also saves a lot of battery power and prevents the physical buttons from being damaged; For example, you no longer need to keep your Internet connection active to receive messages from messaging networks, all you need is Wi-Fi or mobile data connection with the help of this application, several times a day. Turn it on and off to receive your friends’ messages quickly in addition to saving battery and internet usage!


Droid Automation - Pro Edition


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