Dropbox | Dropbox is the official application of the famous Dropbox company for easy, secure and fast file sharing for Android smart devices. This service is one of the most popular and trusted websites for hosting files, which allows you to sync files on several different computers or between several different users via the Internet! This service, which has been working professionally since 2007, is one of the most popular file hosting sites that you can use to upload your own files! This service has its official application with the same name, Dropbox for the Android operating systemIt has been provided so that you users can easily manage your files and perform tasks and operations in the most convenient way possible! The Dropbox graphical interface is incredibly impressive, as it makes it a definite choice for users to sync files! When you install this app on your Android or iOS device , you can immediately upload your files, and you can also use this app to share your files with other people or a public file for Design any type of user!

Some features and capabilities of the Android Dropbox application:

  • Providing 2000 MB (2 GB) of free space for uploading
  • Ability to receive 500 MB of free space per user introduction!
  • Ability to upload your files directly and easily on Dropbox servers
  • Ability to share your saved files with users and friends
  • Manage your files and folders as easily as possible
  • Ability to buy more space by you users to upload larger and heavier files

Dropbox app with more than 1 billion downloads from Android Market is one of the best Android apps and has a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 , which we have put the latest version for you in Usroid today and you can download it with one click; The version that we have introduced to download your presence is the official and original version, where all the features are available and the program does not need the mod version.