Drum Loops & Metronome Pro v55  song making application using drum beat in Android, purchased
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Drums, drums, drum kits or drum sets are all names that refer to a set of percussion instruments such as drums, cymbals and… that are placed on special bases and special connections. This collection is known as a separate instrument and its musician is called drummer or drummers. The drum instrument is widely used in various styles such as jazz, blues, country, rock, pop and their sub-categories, and today it is one of the main instruments of pop and fixed bands in concerts and their live performances. If you are interested in this instrument and you also want to make a song with this instrument with your Android device, حتما Be sure to try the application that we are introducing today.  Drum Loops & Metronome ProTitle is an application for making various songs using drum beats in Android, which was developed by the Learn To Master software group for Android devices and published on Google Play for $ 3.99. Using this application, you can easily create very attractive songs by multiplying the various drums in the application. This program has more than 100 ready-made pieces of music in the styles of jazz, blues, rock and… of the biggest music bands in the world. Using this application, you can use pieces made by great people and create your own song.

Some features and capabilities of Drum Loops & Metronome Pro Android app :

  • Ability to choose between metronome, در drum pieces from famous songs or drum patterns available in the application
  • It has a very accurate BPM engine
  • Very high sound quality that makes it suitable even for group rehearsals or song recording
  • Ability to create playlists, suitable for training sessions
  • No annoying ads
  • Simple and efficient user interface
  • Fine tuning of music rounds
  • Ability to apply minor settings and complete software personalization
  • Shake when playing audio

Application Drum Loops & Metronome Pro program is very useful for the manufacture of songs in different genres. If you are learning this instrument or you want to have practice sessions with this instrument, حتما you must install this program. The metronome in this application can be used to practice playing various instruments. Drum Loops & Metronome Pro was created by a team of music-savvy developers and can appeal to professionals who have received an excellent 4.5 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users. This program has been published in paid voice on Google Play, and now you can download the purchased version of this program, along with all the accesses and facilities, from Usroid for free, and start making beautiful songs.


Drum Loops & Metronome Pro