FessyLove DSLR Camera & HD Professional v1.0 [Mod Ad-Free] – Android quality DSLR camera and selfie application, ad-free
and complete version for the first time on Persian language websites

Camera apps are one of the main factors in the very high quality of recorded images; In such a way that only by applying some settings, many problems of the scene can be solved and your friends will be surprised! Due to this issue, Usroid website, with its experienced team, has tried to provide you with the best of these cameras, which, as always, we intend to do in this post. FessyLove DSLR Camera & HD ProfessionalIt is a professional quality DSLR and selfie camera for Android smart devices, developed by FessyLove and published on Google Play. The variety of features and settings that this software provides to its users helps them to record the highest quality images at any time. One of the most popular features in this startup is the ability to record images one after the other, for which you only need to specify the delay time between each photo and leave everything to this feature-rich program. Both front and rear cameras are supported by this software, and by adjusting the desired resolution, you will be able to record high quality videos.

Some features and capabilities of FessyLove DSLR Camera & HD Professional Android application:

  • Capture images and videos with the highest possible quality
  • Supports both front and rear cameras without any restrictions
  • Change the quality and resolution to suit your needs
  • Burst image capture mode with the ability to adjust the delay between each photo
  • Color effects, white balance, scene modes and…
  • Adjust the volume control keys to capture a photo or zoom
  • Ability to lock the camera in landscape or portrait mode

Application FessyLove DSLR Camera & HD Professional With a set of features specifically in the field of pictures by your developer for free on Google Play has been published, which receive the most current version has no ads and full direct links Usroid the first You will be Iranian users.

Version v1.0 changes:

* Release the first version of the app on Google Play


FessyLove DSLR Camera & HD Professional