DSLR Control – Camera Remote Controller v4.3.9 – Camera Remote Control for Android  Unlocked version of the app   

Despite the vast advances that smartphone cameras have made in recent years, they still cannot be completely replaced by professional DSLR cameras. These cameras are for a variety of purposes, such as nature photography, news photography, art photography, fashion magazine photography, sports event recording, and more. Widely used. In addition to the very high quality of these cameras, the ability to install different lenses allows the photographer to take photos and videos of different views with different qualities and details with these cameras. When a tripod is used for the camera, it sometimes happens that the photographer cannot stand behind the camera and press the shutter button. That’s why camera companies make remote controls for their cameras and usually sell them at high prices.DSLR Control – Camera Remote Controller is an app for remote control of professional DSLR cameras using a smartphone for the Android operating system, developed by LektorHansen and released for free on Google Play. The performance of this program is not limited to hitting the shutter button, but with it you can see the camera image live and apply various settings on it. For example, you can apply important settings such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, image styles, etc. to the camera. A live histogram is also displayed on the phone screen so you no longer need to check the camera. To make things smarter, you can create and save different scripts for different tasks. In addition, 11 photography calculators are included in the program, which makes photography much easier.

Some features and capabilities of DSLR Control – Camera Remote Controller for Android :

  • Work using OTG cable
  • Support for Canon and Nikon cameras
  • Shutter control and important settings such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, image styles, measurement modes, etc.
  • View live camera image
  • Live histogram display
  • Ability to record video
  • Ability to create and save different scripts
  • It has 11 calculators for calculating photography
  • Use the phone to level the surface
  • Has ambient light measuring instruments

The DSLR Control – Camera Remote Controller application is an extremely efficient tool for all amateur and professional photographers who have been able to get a score of 2.9 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the unlocked version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Versions v4.3.9 : 

* Fix some connection problems Samsung
* the need Playstore, libraries updated
* Increased zoom capability
* commands in scripts Bulb
* storage location has changed scripts
* Code changes file saving alternative to Android 11


DSLR Control - Camera Remote Controller