DSLR Controller is the first and only camera control software for Android devices that allows you to control and manage your camera with a single USB cable. This program does not require a laptop or computer to run, nor does it require your phone to be rooted, and a camera and a USB cable are enough to work with it! To use the program, just connect your camera to the phone with a USB cable and see the same image seen by the camera on your mobile phone and see all the camera controls on the phone screen .

Some features of DSLR Controller program:

* View images live and real

* Autofocus with manual focus settings

* Histogram and diaphragm

* Camera zoom control via phone

* Apply different filters on the image through the phone

* Video recording

* Shutter speed and ISO control

* Adjust the temperature of the colors

* Automatic lighting optimization

* Availability of a wide range of settings

The DSLR Controller application is currently in beta, but it is excellent and complete and is currently priced at  $ 7.99 in the Android Market. You can download the latest version of it with a direct link and for free from Usroid .

 Changes in version v1.06:

* Fixed various problems and performance improvements


Download DSLR Controller - Control digital cameras from your phone