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Dubsmash in Persian ” Dabsmesh ” has undoubtedly been a phenomenon in the world of applications this year, software that reached an incredible 500 million downloads worldwide in a short period of time and is currently one of the most talked about subjects in cyberspace! Surely you’ve all seen videos made with Dubsmash on social media like Instagram, with this app you can put the voices of actors, singers and celebrities on your image and at the same time coordinate their conversations with the movements of your face and lips or Better yet, have a video dub of that sound! Dubsmash has a social network and with the help of its active users, it has collected a huge archive of these sounds. These sounds also include Iranian characters, so by searching for words like Javad Khiabani or Colonel Alifar, you will surely get interesting results. Receipt! Overall, Dubsmash ModIt is a program that you can use to select the voice of famous characters, TV reporters, etc., and then shoot a video of yourself and pretend that you are talking! Video recording with Dubsmash is also very easy; All you have to do is find the sound you want from the program archive, or send it to Dubsmash via microphone recording or direct upload. When the sound is ready, your mobile camera will be activated and you can press the recording button while playing the sound. Take a video of yourself and read aloud!


Dubsmash Mod Android


Dubsmash Mod is a mod version of the popular and extremely dubbed app for Android devices, which does not include Whatmark and Dubmash.com tags! The Trending section of the app is a hot topic, and the most popular sounds are among the app’s users, so you can use the doubles in this list and hashtags in particular to make your video popular on the web! Dubsmash is one of the most entertaining apps these days, and now all virtual circles have been quoted. If you don’t want to fall behind the caravan, click on the download links right now and create an interesting video from the subjects you have in mind! It’s worth noting that the free version of the app on Google Play is available to the whole world, and at the end of the work and video storage, you’ll see that Dubmash.com ads are included , but with the mod version thatUsroid is in front of you, there is no more news about the advertisement of Dabsemesh site and you can make exclusive and non-promotional videos!