DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser v5.54.0 – Android secure, fast and simple browser app,
original and official version with more than 5 million downloads

Web browsers are one of the best ways to access websites and web pages; Typically, users run their smartphone browser several times a day, search the web, and search for specific information! One of the most important things to look for when searching is to keep your data safe. Problems may arise if security issues are not followed. DuckDuckGo Privacy BrowserTitled a secure, fast and easy Android browser developed by DuckDuckGo and published on Google Play. As the title suggests, one of the most important features of this startup can be considered its extremely high security; By blocking all third-party trackers and not allowing any tracking to access your private browsing. This great browser tries as much as possible to force websites to use encrypted protocols to make sure that your specific information never falls into the hands of profiteers. Unlike many similar tools, you can browse sites one after another by creating multiple different languages ​​and easily meet any of your needs.

Some features and capabilities of DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser Android app:

  • Very high speed in browsing web pages without any restrictions
  • Automatic form completion form
  • Mark your favorite websites
  • Forcing websites to use encrypted protocols
  • Blocking all Internet trackers to protect privacy
  • Avoid storing your search history
  • Touch an option to quickly close all tabs

Using various features and capabilities, the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser application has been able to receive a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with more than 5 million downloads from all over the world . You can now download the latest original and official version without any Get a kind of restriction from the popular Usroid website .


DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser