Dungeon Keeper in Persian (Dungeon protector) A new and extremely beautiful game with stunning graphics in the style of arcade and action games, a product of the game company AG Games for the Android operating systemWhich is offered completely free of charge. This game is different from all the games that we have introduced on the site so far, because in the game Dungeon Defender, you are in the role of Hell Dungeon Defender and you equip yourself to face the good to win against the heroes of the game. ! In the dungeon protector game, you have to take the disgusting animals from the darkness and train them to create terror and destroy everything! Bait with the things that attract them and enslave them by feeding them and giving them wet places so that they will eventually become your puppets! Now it’s time to dump her and move on! By doing this, these creatures will sacrifice their lives for you, and you have the best horrible and multiplier force against the heroes of the game, and you will experience the best action game on your Android phone. This game Addictive with terrifying, dark locations and gameplay, and a dramatic variety of hellish creatures will undoubtedly keep you entertained for hours, and you must build your dungeon with the utmost effort and protect it by building a thousand narrow spaces. And expand the darkness and deadly traps, the arsenals of magic and power and the vampire and evil army.

Some features of Dungeon Keeper Android game:

  • Play in amazing, terrifying and varied places
  • View the environment from the top to manage the overall player of the game
  • Play with a variety of different and terrible monsters
  • Having stunning HD graphics compared to its small size
  • Professional sound quality to double the excitement of the game
  • Free and no ads + easy installation
  • Can be installed and run on all Android smartphones and Tibetans

If you are tired of the repetitive games of rescuing the prince, saving the world and و and want to be a bad character once, Usroid offers you the exciting game Dungeon Keeper !! This game with a score of 4.5 in the Play Store is one of the most popular Android action games that we provide to you and we hope you like it.

notice that :

1 – Dungeon Keeper game is online and requires the Internet to run and play
2 – Game data is downloaded in the initial run
3 – In your blood mode version is unlimited

 Changes in version v1.8.94:

* No changes have been mentioned for this version on Google Play.


Download Dungeon Keeper - Android dungeon protection game + data