E-Robot Pro v1.47.4 – application for automatic and automatic execution of commands in Android
Premium version with all the features presented to you

So far, Android developers have released various programs to automate tasks and commands in the Android Market (Google Play), most of which have their own drawbacks, E-Robot Pro is a complete and functional application in the field of automatic execution Commands in the Android operating systemPublished by Tamás Barta for free with online payments. All you have to do is create your commands and set the execution time so that the command you want is executed completely automatically. This software can be a suitable and full-featured alternative to other programs published in this field; You can safely leave all your activities and instructions to it. More than 130 types of parametric events are included in the “E-Robot” that users will be able to have full control over these events in terms of location, time and other modes. In addition, there are 80 executable commands that you only need to select to use each. You can select a list of different commands and specify their order to be executed in groups and in their own order.

Some features and capabilities of E-Robot Pro Android application:

  • Access to over 130 types of parametric events based on different scenarios
  • More than 80 types of commands and parametric functions
  • Access to variables and conditions
  • Positioning based on cell towers, geographic coordinates or Wi-Fi networks
  • Perform several types of commands while maintaining the conditions
  • Manually perform some created commands
  • Full backup of all created commands and execute them at another time
  • Access history and display errors in executing commands
  • Complete application guide to create the commands you need

Application E-Robot Pro with more than 100 thousand download code to the Android Market Play Store, rated 4.5 out of 5.0 by users has received that can now access the server speed Usroid the newest version of its professional Receive without the need for in-network payments.

Changes in version v1.47.4:

* Fixed application problems