Ear Scout: Super Hearing v1.5.2 – Android App for Enhancing Surround Sound!
The premium and complete version of the app, worth $5.99, is now available for the first time in Iran.

Ear Scout: Super Hearing is an application that enhances the sound of the environment and has been developed by Excelling Apps and published on Google Play. The diversity of applications is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Android smartphones. Sometimes, we come across startup apps on this operating system that not only are very creative but also meet a wide range of our needs. Nevertheless, we try to provide you with the best and most practical of these applications on the Usroid website. Ear Scout: Super Hearing is one of the most practical and best startup apps that helps amplify the sounds of the environment and listen to it with multiple times more power in your headphones. Its performance is like a hearing aid! After installing the program, all surrounding noises are reduced in your headphones, and you can turn it into a powerful Bluetooth headset. Another feature is the ability to listen to sounds from a few meters away. In this mode, after connecting your smartphone to your Bluetooth headset, you can place your smartphone in a specific location and listen to the sounds of that environment until the range of your Bluetooth is active. You can adjust the sound intensity and noise level, and change them with the available options. Unlike many similar applications, this tool allows you to record environmental sounds and send them to others via email if necessary. The application environment is straightforward, and even the most novice users can benefit greatly from it.

Some features and capabilities of Ear Scout: Super Hearing Android app:

  • Enhancing the sound of the environment and playing it through Bluetooth headphones
  • Possibility to turn your headphones into a powerful hearing aid
  • A variety of options to reduce noise or sound intensity
  • Listening to surrounding sounds from a distance of several meters!
  • Possibility to record ambient sounds for playback at a later time
  • Sharing sounds via email
  • Access to multiple equalizer bands
  • An appropriate option for recording sound in conferences, meetings, classrooms, and more

Ear Scout: Super Hearing app, with its special features and capabilities, has been released for free with in-app purchases of $5.99 by its developer and has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 from users. You can now download the latest premium version of this feature-packed app from the vast database of Usroid. Just remember not to use this app for eavesdropping and not to violate others’ privacy laws.


Ear Scout: Super Hearing