Easy AppLock & Hide Pictures / Videos v2.3.14 – Advanced app for locking apps and files Android
Premium and full version of the app worth $ 2.49 Dedicated to you dear ones

Privacy and information security are among the most important issues that users of smart devices should pay special attention to. The prevalence of our use of smartphones is increasing the risk of privacy violations day by day. You might say to yourself that these smartphones are secure enough and no one can access the information in them; Against this mindset, there are two strong reasons for the need to maintain this privacy, the first is the existence of hackers, so that no matter how much the security options are strengthened by manufacturers, there are still people who find bugs Go through them and access information. The second reason is the people around you who may approach you in the form of a friend to access some information!Easy AppLock & Hide Pictures / Videos is an advanced application for locking programs and files in memory, developed by MobileIdea Studio and published on Google Play. Everything you need to maintain information security is available in this software. If you look at the post, you will see that this startup consists of two parts; The first part helps you lock your apps and block any access to them, the second part also allows you to hide files such as images or videos and not let anyone see them. In the case of hiding files, there is an option to make a backup copy of them, which saves the backup on Google cloud servers. Spyware Recovery Mode helps you identify people who are trying to gain unauthorized access to your smartphone and save their photo in memory.

Some features and capabilities of Easy AppLock & Hide Pictures / Android app:

  • Encrypt and hide your photos and videos
  • Backup and sync backup from Google Drive servers
  • Lock your favorite apps with a single tap
  • Protect information using pattern, fingerprint or PIN code
  • Invisible lock mode to enter the password safely with other people around you
  • Hide the Easy AppLock icon
  • Take photos of people who want to enter your smartphone without permission
  • Very low battery consumption compared to similar applications
  • Access a dark theme in addition to having the light theme enabled by default

The Easy AppLock & Hide Pictures / Videos app was released by its developer for free with an in-network payment of $ 2.49, providing a set of 4.3 out of 5.0, by providing a set of security options and tools to protect themselves against hackers. To get by Google Play users that you can now download the latest premium version of the program from Usroid website .


Easy AppLock & Hide Pictures/Videos